We at EleJungle not only provide you with Elephant safari in Jaipur and various Services

We give you an unforgettable lifetime EXPERIENCE with our various elephant activities!

  • Riding


Enjoy the riding tour on Elephant through the areas surrounding our Farmhouse. Spent you time by riding on Elephant and enjoying nature around you.

In this package, we provide you an elephant for riding with our trained Mahout who guides you with your riding and make your ride amazing.




  • Painting


Learn how to create a painting on an Elephant. Take on the brushes and colors and show the hidden painter inside you. And if you are not a great painter, don’t worry we will help you to make your painting great. Painting is also a great art so don’t miss it. Elephants will also love it. Move your steps forward to do friendship with Elephants.

We use 100% natural colors which are completely non-toxic and harmless. So don’t worry about elephants, nothing will harm them.



  • Washing

Ever imagine bathing with an Elephant. If not, then just do it. Play with Elephants and give them a shower. Elephants will love it, and make your trip more memorable.

Bathing in the swimming pool with an elephant is a very rare activity which is provided exclusively by us. Here you can get a joyful experience of bathing and washing the elephants in a pool specially made for elephants.

We will help you to bath and play with Elephants in water. Elephants also love water and want to play with you. So don’t wait, start playing with Elephants and start making new friends. This will make your journey more memorable

In daytime you can wash and play with Elephants in water under our guidance.



  • Feeding


Who doesn’t like food? Like us, Elephants also love to had different types of

foods. Spend your some time by feeding elephants, this activity with elephants

which is provided here for a cause of good KARMA according to the Indian

Culture as Elephants are the symbol of God in Indian Culture.  Feeding is the

easiest and joyful way to make Elephants happy and to increase your trust with

them.We provide Bananas for feeding Elephants. Elephants just love bananas

and will love if you feed them with your love. We also love if you move your one

step forward to make new friends and feed our Elephants.




  • Trunk Climbing



Trunk climbing is a very decent activity which we provide in our Farmhouse. In

this activity we allow you to climb on the elephant through the trunk. Here you

can get the chance of facing the adventure of natural climbing on elephant by

trunk. You don’t need to worry about the elephant this activity won’t hurt them in

any way so just enjoy your BAHUBALI style trunk climb.





  • Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is the special type of service provided by us. In Jungle Safari there is a thrilling Elephant ride through the areas and jungles near Amer and Nahargarh Fort. This ride also covers the Nahargarh Sanctuary and Amer Fort. We will cover the whole tourists areas near Amer and Nahargarh Fort.

The journey of Jungle Safari starts from our garden. And in the whole journey we cover all the nearby tourists areas like Jungles, Villages, Nahargarh Sanctuary, Amer Fort, etc.