Elephant Safari in Amer Fort, Jaipur

Elephants riding is one of the main activities in Amer Fort.  In Amer, the Elephants are decorated and painted in traditional styles to represent the tradition of Rajasthan, India. The paint will are used to paint are 100% natural and are non-toxic so they do not harm elephants.

And not only riding, in Amer, there are many activities which are related to Elephants such as Ridings, paintings, washings, language learnings, and many more.

  1. Riding

Enjoy the riding tour on Elephant through the areas surrounding Amer Fort. Spent you awesome time by riding on Elephant and enjoying sceneries around you. And don’t forget to take images, because the sceneries are really awesome, don’t miss it.

  1. Painting

Learn how to create a painting on an Elephant. Take on the brushes and colors and show the hidden painter inside you. And if you are not a great painter, don’t worry we will help you to make your painting great. Painting is also a great art so don’t miss it. Elephants will also love it. Move your steps forward to do friendship with Elephants.

  1. Washing

Ever imagine bathing with an Elephant. If not, then just do it. Play with Elephants and give them a shower. Elephants will love it, and make your trip more memorable. We will help you to bath and play with Elephants in water. Elephants also love water and want to play with you. So don’t wait, start playing with Elephants and start making new friends. This will make your journey more memorable.

  1. Feeding

Who doesn’t like food? Like us, Elephants also love to have different types of foods. Spend your some time with Elephants and feed them food with your love. Elephants will love it. Feeding is the easiest and joyful way to make Elephants happy and to increase your trust with them.

  1. Language Learning

Language learning is also one of the main activity held in Amer. In this activity, Guide teach you the language used to communicate with Elephants. This activity is slightly different from others activities.

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