Erico A.

The entire team was very hospitable. They provided you with everything you needed for the day. Drinks, food, restroom, towels. Depending on the package you purchase, of course, the team will treat you with the utmost respect. Their “runners” are spectacular. These two gentlemen would literally run to get you water or a can of soda upon request. Our group spoke English and there wasn’t any communication problems. The host spoke very well English. If you are looking for a relaxing day no rush time with the elephants, this is the location for you. The facility is also very clean and we were impressed. We also washed the elephants and you get to clean them inside this giant pool and it felt like water park, except with two giant elephants. The elephants are not dangerous at all either. This family business has been in service for generations. The mahouts are trained since they were young, as well as the elephants themselves. Highly recommended activity, but most of all the Team that exist within this facility.